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And me personally someone getting it if their dog gets out of hand because a dog can be replaced but a child cannot. Ive had my pit for the past 5 years and she has never hurt no one, they say you should not have these type of dogs around children, but shes fine with my baby who was 6mths at the time. Its not the dogs that neds to be put down its the owners that teach the dogs to fight.However some dogs are that why, this can be for a number of reasons i.e being abused when they were pups etc. Owners could also be forced to muzzle their dangerous dogs or get them neutered. 100 people end up in hospital each week because of dogs attacks.

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She was lightly slapping it round the face making it get all aggitated and snappy. A bad owner can lead to a bad dog regardless of its breed. Its time to stop blaming so called dangerous dogs and take more action against the irresponsible owners.

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I’m a proud rottie owner – I’ve got one as a companion, and used to work my previous dog. It makes me sick to see dogs being prejudiced soley because certain breeds are easier to train to be agressive than others. My dog is victimised as a result of biased reporting, and this is one of the things that encourages the trophy hound amongst chav culture.

Never blame a dog for the actions of it’s brainless owner. DON’T FORGET IT’S THE ANIMAL WHO PAYS WITH IT’S LIFE. Every dog owner in England and Wales could be forced to insure their pet to guarantee compensation for people who are attacked. Andrew sounded like he owned a disabled chihuahua, not a dangerous dog. A cousin of mine was at her friends house – they always treated the dog well – but one day it locked its jaw around my cousin’s leg. Dogs should be banned from public places like beaches and parks at all times.

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Really and truly its not the dogs fault is it? It’s the owners and if the RSPCA say that they know of people or “young boys” having dangerous breeds or cross breeds then shouldn’t they act upon it instead of warning people about it. I say to get rid of the act, no-one is going to stop breeding illegal breeds no matter much the government fussess about it, its just not going to happen. She was the sweetest dog and was wonderful with my young son.

I think it unfair to ban all dangerous dogs, i own a Doberman which is classed as a very dangerous dog, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. It all come’s down to the dog owners and how they treat them and bring them up, it also depends on the dogs temprament, what the parents were like etc… A lot of these youngsters that have these dogs don’t really do any form of research and understand the responsibility of owning a dog. They buy the cheapest dangerous dog without knowing any of it’s history. Half the time i see these youngsters with these dogs they don’t really have much control over them and there off the leash.

It may be fair to have a licence to purchase a dog and that all owner put their dogs through a mandatory training programme. This may then deter the individuals who give the decent dog owners and their dogs a bad name. No dogs should be banned – however ALL dogs should have to be licenced. A person should need to meet certain criteria before being allowed to own a dog, and then, depening on their circumstances, only allowed to own certain types of dog. This would allow police to check up on dogs classified as dangerous because they would know who owns what dog and where it is kept.

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Ive read most of these comments and your basically all saying the same thing, its true tho ive got a pitbull and a staffy and they are both soft. Yh they do have there little scraps one in a wile when there playing but thats just dogs. Stop wasting your time the law aint going to change anything. I don’t think so called ‘dangerous’ dogs should be banned, but I would like to see much tighter legistlation on the breeding of then.

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Most of the times it is down to the owner’s treatment and lack of training of these so called pets. Some poor dogs however are ill treated by their human companion and so they respond by dog violence, again not the animals fault. If they seem more aggressive it should be against the law for them to go our without being muzzled. Thank you Chris for your dog etiquette, however the majority of dog owners are obviously not as clued up as you and do not advise of this whilst walking their dog, unmuzzled, letting strangers touch their pets! Surprisingly, I’m not a dog lover ,however, I do believe that the owners are responsible for their dogs actions. I do believe some breeds of dogs get unecessary stick for being vicious but you have to agree that those dogs are normally ones that generally cause great injury if they do attack people.

Maybe there should be a legal age on the ownership of an animal ie 21 years of age and over and the animal is chipped, insured and vet registered. Being Japanese, I have a Tosa Inu named Lee and he’s the sweetest dog. He gets on well with my Shiba Inu and would never hurt a fly. A dog’s personality is based on the way you raise it and it’s the same with children. It may be buried beneath thousands of years of domestication but it is still there.It’s the people on the other end of the leash that brings out a dog’s bad side. And before people go around saying “omg dangerous dogs should be banned cuz i sed so!!!111one!” go out and meet those dogs with loving and caring owners before you pass judgement.

In Australia, America and Canada specific legislation relating to dangerous dogs includes the Staffordshire Bull Terrier type and American Staffordshire Terrier. The Americans and Australians have the right idea and with their tight compreshive legislation on dangerous dogs and once again UK is slow on the up-take with its ambiguous legislation. Time to drive for change, after all if people want to own wrapped staked ohm a dog and have it as a family pet why dont they go for a poodle or better still a miniture type. I have witnessed these dogs in-action they are brutal and savage killing machines even with a so called responsible owner. People think its cute when a little terrier runs up and starts nipping at your ankles but when its a bigger dog its a dog attack! Irresponsibe owners are to blame 99.9% of the time.


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But that is as far as it should go, no training them to fight or be aggresive. It is totally wrong to blame the dog in these situations the dog is only as well behaved or badly behaved in this case as the owner. Staffies are beautiful dogs and can be well trained to be loyal faithful pets not animals of distruction it’s the people that need banning from owning these dogs not the dogs that should be banned or punished. Hi i have a puppy rottweiler he is only 5 months old and is so soppy he squeaks and wags his tail when someone walks past him,he is full of play i wouldnt ever class him as a dangerous dog! I think people look at the dogs breed and just cross the road. It is down the way you bring them up and what they eat its just like a human.

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  • I have a awful border collie who needs his help, im desperate please.
  • And to be proud of people not wanting to even walk near you?
  • He is the soppiest daftest dog but also very loyal and protective of me.
  • A dog’s personality is based on the way you raise it and it’s the same with children.
  • We live in Basildon and it is becoming more and more common to see ‘Staffs’ – these dogs are generally owned by people who want them for a status symbol and not because of the love of the dog.

Too many people are too afraid to correct their dog, and it’s terrible! Soft ownership makes as dangerous a dog as bad owners who train them to be nasty! Also, everybody should take courses or read books on dog behavior and above all body language. I agree that certain breeds carry a more aggresive streak,however, ANY dog has the potential to become dangerous or aggresive towards a person or other animal.

Sometimes these owners dont know they are being irresponsible. All dogs need a firm owner, a dominant leader. If your not up to the task the dog will step into this role and thats where problems neice had to have plastic surgery because of a jack russel jumping up and biting her face. There have been confirmed reports of a highland terrier killing a baby.yes i am the owner of a DANGEROUS BREED a rottie. We live in Basildon and it is becoming more and more common to see ‘Staffs’ – these dogs are generally owned by people who want them for a status symbol and not because of the love of the dog. We don’t necessarily believe that it is the dog that is at fault but the attitude of the owners.

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I urge any person who is afraid of dangerous dogs to spend a day with my lovely, gorgeous staffie/pitbull he is the sweetest most loving dog i have ever met he even wines when people dont give him anough attention. I have a boxer staffy cross and an english bull terrier both of which are rescues that were left of the streets and in a terrible state when found… They are both really nice natured dogs and I have gone out of my way to train them, socialise them with other dogs and ensure their behaviour is impeccable but unfortunately not all owners do this. It is not the fault of the breeds that they fall into the wrong hands and any dog can be trained to be vicious but I am afraid the media dont help by hyping stories up…. How many times have you heard about a jack russell or a collie biting someone?

And often, a dog without rules and consequences for his actions will become dominant-minded. The unfortunate thing is, dogs bite eachother to get a point across, our skin isn’t so resilient & fur-covered to deflect these types of bite. We’ve not had our German Shepherd long, he’s a massive beast, as big as the breed gets, he’s shown a few issues on walks but the difference is, I’ve got control over him and I know how to deal with him. Dog licenses should be mandatory for everyone, as should a course in correct and FIRM dog handling.

The dog owners should be put down for using these sweet animals as status symbols instead of giving them the love they deserve. I can only reiterate what MOST of the above have said. A more gentle, affectionate and caring dog you could not get! I know many many other Rottie owners and every single one of them would say the same. Year on year the stats for dog bites also backs this up.

There’s also been a reported rise in levels of dog fighting and illegal ownership, particularly by gangs who are using dangerous dogs as status symbols. Its not the dogs that should be banned, its the owners. What kind of sick human being would fight these animals? I have a bull terrier – its how you bring them up that makes the dog. Mine is a teddy bear.Dont lock the dogs up – lock the idiots who fight them up.

I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is the soppiest most gentle dog I have ever come across – I had a Yorkshire Terrier a few years back which was mroe vicious than my staff. Its pathetic how people put all staffs in the same group as pitbulls etc. A dog will become vicious if the owner makes it that way – its the idiot kids that should be banned from keeping the dogs, not the dogs themselves.


In america pitbulls are used as therapy dogs and in search and rescue. Ceaser millan, the dog whisperer on sky 3 has 12 pitbull all living happilly with about 30 other dogs. People arent held accountable for thier dogs actions. The government has cracked down on knife crime. Since then we have had an increase in idiots using dogs as weapons.

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